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Added 23 April, 2015

Ant farm watch proves wearables don't have to be digital

Smart watches will be the must-get items for Christmas 2015, but at least one new product is proving that the wearable trend goes far beyond tech. Analog Watch Co., a Philadelphia-based watchmaker that professes a love of nature and makes watches out of wood, had another hit on their hands with a miniature ant farm you wear on your wrist they created as a joke. According to the fake product’s description, with a bit of sand, 3-5 harvester ants, and injections of liquid sugar inserted through the watch’s crown, you can keep your precious ant colony on you at all times. It’s a fun and kind of creepy idea, and it’s telling of our times that it’s also totally believable. Analog’s gag strikes a chord because it pokes fun at our insatiable appetite for the coming of the smart watch age. The lesson? While you may not be able to get an ant watch yet, keep an eye out for such outlandish wearable ideas to start popping up – many of which won’t be gags.

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