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Added 18 May, 2015

Amazon and Audi team up to deliver packages to your trunk

Amazon has long been at the forefront of innovative marketing and shipping ideas, from delivery drones to shipping products to local warehouses when customers are only starting to consider ordering them. However, neither of these novel ideas address one of the most recurrent issues for online retailers – failed deliveries due to "last mile" errors and not-at-home customers. Now a partnership between Audi, DHL, and Amazon looks to change that equation by shipping packages right to your parked car’s trunk. Here's how it works: Audi is integrating GPS in its vehicles that can be accessed by DHL and delivery people are given one-time electronic access keys that can open a given car's trunk. The result is that you can now have packages delivered to you while your car is parked at work, or anywhere for that matter. With innovations like this that are overcoming all remaining objections to online buying, It's no wonder that brick-and-mortar retailers are having to change their own tried-and-true business models and start their own new shopping trends.

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