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Added 16 October, 2013

Will Mercedes-Benz become the car of choice for thrifty hipsters?

Mercedes-Benz has always been the luxury car brand to aspire to. But with the launch of their entry-level CLA model, along with a marketing campaign that aims it squarely at younger urbanites, the brand may push out mid-market competition to become the must-have car for budding creatives. Selling for under USD $30,000, the sedan has quickly become one of the hottest-selling cars in America, with dealers reporting they sold out of stock in the first week. The pitch from the company is "affordable luxury," and it's being made by the rapper Usher and the model Kate Upton, who are speaking directly to the car's 20-something demographic. In earlier trend news we reported that driving and car ownership is dropping in the USA, as youth culture is no longer idolizing automobiles like they did in the 1950s. Those who do drive, however, are looking for cars that suit their lifestyle, or the one they aspire too. The Mercedes CLA seems to be the embodiment of that sensibility.
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