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Added 29 May, 2013

Will this asparagus-only restaurant herald an onslaught of single-ingredient eateries?

Asparagus Patch in Liverpool, England is probably the world’s first pop up asparagus restaurant. Temporary because the much-loved vegetable has a short growing season, which is now until the end of July. Farmer Andrew Pimbley said: "It's the most eagerly anticipated crop of the year. We're expecting a rush on it." English asparagus is said to be some of the best in the world as the Wirral and Sefton coasts provide the perfect climate and soil for growing the vegetable. Asparagus is hard to grow and because it has to be cut below the soil line, each spear is cut by hand with a knife. Each crown takes up to six years to begin producing edible spears, which grow out of the sand afresh each night.
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