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Added 25 November, 2017

Will creepy augmented reality dating apps catch on?

Flirtar is the world's first AR dating app. Where it differs from swipe-based apps is its augmented reality function. Basically, you’ll open it up—at a concert, at a bar, on the train to work—and see the world as you know it through your phone. Maybe pan your camera across the horizon—slowly and clandestinely, so you don’t look like creepy crazy person. If you see a balloon with someone’s face in it, you can click to expand their profile and, should you like what you see, send them a “like.” Assuming they like you back, you can start chatting via the app. Or maybe, if they’re close by, you can, like, actually go up and talk to them in person. Flirtar is most similar to Happn, an app that uses your location to set you up with other users whose paths you cross in real life. The primary difference being, you get to use augmented reality. And augmented reality is fun. Just think of it like Pokémon Go, only instead of catching Pokémon, you’re catching dates.

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