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Added 11 May, 2015

Smartwatch apps are changing travel

It's early days yet and we’re still taking-in the flood of apps that companies are designing for the Apple Watch and similar devices. Taken together, they are great indicators of how consumers will be using their smartwatches, and the impact this will have on the travel industry. Indeed, travel brands have been among the first to market Apple Watch apps. Up to this point, most are not much different than the mobile booking apps we’ve grown used to. One that’s turning heads for how well it's designed, however, is’s Booking Now app, which is created specifically for travelers looking for last-minute accommodations in the immediate neighborhood. With just two taps, while driving even (though we don't recommend this), you can get nearby lodging recommendations and immediately reserve your room. In short, the Booking Now app appeals to those looking for the quickest and easiest reservation rather than an exhaustive, time-consuming search. This new priority reflects the Apple Watch’s small screen size and, we think, our fast-paced future in general. Wearable computing is creating a feedback loop that is helping our world get even faster.

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