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Added 18 May, 2015

Oxygen bars now going to great depths to remain popular

Oxygen bars are so last year. Or are they? While they never took off the way regular booze bars have, oxygen bars have persisted as a fun novelty (and pseudo-scientific health treatment) in tourist spots worldwide. Now the trend is getting an upgrade in the form of an underwater oxygen bar in Cozumel, Mexico. Known as the “Clear Lounge,” this new novelty offers guests 20 minute "treatments" submerged in an aquarium built for humans. Scented oxygen is delivered through tubes feeding into clear diving helmets and you can even play undersea games with other patrons and a diving “bartender.” Is this the oxygen bar takeover we’ve all been waiting for? That’s doubtful, but it is a sure sign of the oxygen bar's long-lasting ability to captivate visitors looking for unusual experiences on their mass-tourism travels.

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