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Added 9 March, 2020

Medical Psychedelics are trending

Field Trip Health Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Field Trip Psychedelics Inc., the world's first mental wellness company focused on psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy, announced the opening of its first medical centre, in Toronto, dedicated exclusively to the administration of psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy. The clinic was founded in response to the urgent need to combat the spiraling mental health crisis facing Canada and the world, which is a result of the limited effectiveness of current pharmacologic treatments like antidepressants. The first psychedelic that will be administered to patients, in conjunction with Field Trip's custom developed psychotherapy protocol, is ketamine. Evidence shows that ketamine, which is a dissociative psychedelic, is safe and can provide almost immediate and enduring relief from depression symptoms. Beyond its antidepressant effects, ketamine's ability to promote neuroplasticity makes it a powerful tool to pair with Field Trip's comprehensive psychotherapy program.

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