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Added 26 November, 2013

KFC-scented candles: Is fried chicken the new bacon?

While the bacon fad is already waning, hastened by bacon vodka and bacon-flavored toothpaste, the world needs a new obsession to fill the void. One strong contender is fried chicken. The down-home specialty is showing up on fancy food menus all around the world, and upscale fried chicken shops are opening in fancy neighborhoods from Brussels to Bombay. Now, an American company, Scents of the Commonwealth is creating scented candles that perfume rooms with the delightful smell of KFC. Begun as something of an art project, the result has garnered so much attention that it clearly caught popular imagination and zeitgeist. The candles are made with real fried chicken and all-natural soy wax.
First spotted by Bethilda
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