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Added 29 July, 2015

Have questions about Iceland? Just AskGuðmundur

Inspired by Iceland, the country's tourism board, has given you until autumn to ask a real, live Icelander any question you'd like about the small Nordic island nation. In a clever bid to promote the country, the campaign has selected seven citizens, all of whom have the typical Icelandic name Guðmundur (for men) or Guðmunda (for females) to staff the county's Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts and interact with would-be visitors from around the world. Calling the Guðmundurs “human search engines,” Inspired by Iceland hopes the initiative will appeal to travelers looking for personalized experiences. Personalization is a major social trend. Iceland's response to this trend will resonate with those looking to make fun, heartwarming, or informative connections with the country, even before they visit.

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