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Added 1 December, 2018

The future of hotel experience is about firing up all the senses

Hans Meyer, founder of hotel brand Zoku, is one of many in the industry saying that hotel experiences are becoming more sensory experiences. “It’s not only what you see but also what you smell, hear and taste.” A good example is the London hotel The Mandrake for its generously-sized courtyard. Emma King, head of interior design for InterContinental Hotels Group, notes that the striking courtyard is a surprising feature for a hotel in central London. “It has a very unusual arrival experience,” she says. “You’ve come off a small side street in London, down a dark tunnel, and suddenly you’re in this big green open space.”
“It’s just a great living, breathing courtyard hotel,” she continues. “It’s not something you would expect in central London, you suddenly feel like you’re catapulted into another world.” “You go through the doors and immediately leave everything behind you, and you are immersed in this environment that has been created. That is escapism.”

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