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Added 11 October, 2013

Customization trend comes to eyewear

Prescription eyeglasses are also an important fashion accessory, and many people who wear them keep several pairs to match different outfits and moods. A new company called Frameri is making eyewear customizable by creating a line of frames that all use the same lenses. Because wearers can easily swap the lenses between frames, they don't have the expense of buying different lenses for all their various glasses. Frameri currently has 16 different frames to choose from, including designs in teal, tortoise, and cream colors. There are some drawbacks to this model, including the fact that all your frames have to come from a single supplier and have the same basic shape to accommodate the lenses. However, we are attracted to the fact that Frameri understands that personalization and customization is a major trend and they are answering it in a creative way that is sure to attract attention.
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