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Added 20 August, 2014

Personalized shopping is getting a boost from online technology

Having a personal shopper to help you select your wardrobe is an extravagance that was once only affordable to super wealthy shoppers in major metropolitan areas. Now, as with so many other things, the Internet is democratizing this bastion of luxury by making it available to the masses, anywhere, at relatively low prices. A prime example of the trend is Bombfell, a company that uses algorithmic recommendations from social media to curate outfits for men. After signing up you set your budget, size and style preference. A stylist assembles your order on a regular basis and sends a preview by email. Once the clothes arrive, customers have 10 days to try them before being charged and shipping is free both ways. But how do you know you have the right measurements? Several mobile apps, like MTailor, now use your phone or tablet camera to measure your body for perfect fitting custom clothes. Same goes for eyeglasses. Many online stores, including Warby Parker offer online tech to measure the distance between your eyes using your computer's camera. The age of custom clothes is reaching for every corner of the globe.
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