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Added 24 October, 2013

In London, Hotel promotes its green credentials with tote bags made from upcycled bed sheets

Businesses of all stripes are getting greener by the day. But it's one thing to be more ecological, and another to communicate those values to your customers. The London Marriott has invented a creative way to share those values with its guests. The hotel created a limited edition tote bag made from 100% recycled bed linen provided by U.K. Marriott hotels. Made in partnership with Lily and Lionel, a British accessories brand, the bags are being sold for £20, half of which is donated to The Prince’s Trust charity. In addition, the hotel chain is also transforming "retired" hotel bed linen into hairdryer bags, newspaper bags and laundry bags and other products that can be used to create guestroom amenities. The Marriott initiative is part of a trend that we are seeing across the industrial spectrum, not only for corporations to be greener in the background, but to concurrently create visible products and services that speak to this sense of responsibility.
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