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Added 8 April, 2015

AirBnB will be huge in Cuba too

AirBnB, the website that lets people rent out their homes to travelers is one of the leaders in the so-called "sharing economy" – a segment that also includes other high-flyers like the private taxi site Uber and any number of other sites that facilitate the sharing of everything from clothes to tools. From a trends perspective, peer-to-peer sharing sites are still gaining steam, and AirBnB recently took another step in that direction with the announcement that they are now selling room rentals in Cuba, a country that until recently was off-limits to American businesses. American travel to Cuba is a strong trend in its own right, but the entry of AirBnB is notable because the company thinks that the Cuban market could become one of Airbnb’s biggest markets in Latin America. That's because there are simply not enough hotel rooms in the country to handle all the people who want to visit the island. Unless you've been to Cuba, you probably don't know that the country already has a thriving culture of micro-enterprise, in which locals regularly rent out their apartments to visitors. People there have been doing for decades what AirBnB just started doing seven years ago. Love them or not, sites like AirBnB are here to stay.
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