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Added 31 May, 2018

Ultra-low-alcohol beers are trending

Lots of trends have anti-trends, and beer is no exception. A few years ago it was all about high-alcohol IPAs. Now the pendulum is swinging the other way. One example is Big Drop Brewing which has added to its range of beers under 0.5% abv by launching a sour beer. Founder Rob Fink said: “While the style is a popular one with many existing brands on the market, brewing a sour beer to just 0.5% abv has taken a lot of planning and expertise. Our master brewer, Johnny Clayton, continues to challenge the norm so that we can offer a range of popular beer styles for those who are choosing to cut back on their alcohol consumption and the sour is an outstanding example of responding to current consumer trends. "Just because someone may be cutting out or cutting back on alcohol doesn’t mean to say that they have to cut back on variety and taste.”

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