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Added 29 August, 2017

Gen Z Wants Business Meetings to be Interactive and Meaningful

If meeting planners want to appeal to younger attendees from Generation Z, they need to focus on delivering authentic messaging and interactive, to-the-point content. Keep those presentations moving. “If it’s not interactive, they’re not going to stay at the meeting,” said Cindy Lo, president and event strategist at Red Velvet Events in Austin, Texas. “They need to be entertained and they’re looking for those ‘Instagramable’ moments.”
In that sense, Gen Z is no different from Millennials, but it’s not enough for the younger folks to have a great image; they want to know that a brand or company gives back to the community.
Lo said that when deciding whether to attend an event, the first thing a Gen Z individual does is go to the company’s social media channels to see what they’re all about. Then they look at the meeting agenda to see if there is something of value to them. It’s not necessarily a person who appeals, but a concept, explained Lo.

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