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Added 8 December, 2017

The end of privacy: AI profile generator knows all about you from public data

You’ve been warned to think before you post anything personal on social media, or the Internet in general. Apart from the possibility of your publicly available data being used by “bad actors,” it could be used by anyone – including your future employer – to build a pretty accurate profile about you. Yes, believe it or not, all your Tweets, Instagram posts, LinkedIn updates, and more, all contain clues about who you really are. This is exactly the kind of data that DeepSense – an AI engine built by social intelligence company Frrole – uses to build profiles of Internet users. DeepSense uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to read online conversations across social networks and can give a good idea of specific characteristics of a person online – whether they are positive, considerate, temperamental, and a lot more.

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