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Added 3 June, 2013

Cities becoming more people-friendly: Osaka canal becomes a swimming pool

More and more we are seeing cities implement pedestrian-friendly walking areas and bike lanes. Now, if an Osaka company has its way, getting roaring drunk and jumping, or falling, into Dotonbori Canal after either a Hanshin Tigers victory or a wild night out in neighboring Shinsaibashi will be less risky, health wise. But it will no longer be free. That's because plans are moving forward to turn it into an 800-meter-long swimming pool. The canal sits in the middle of the Dotonbori district, an area known for its nightlife. The water will not be canal water, but purified city water that will be pumped into what is, essentially, a giant tank. The pool will be open between the end of June and the beginning of September and there are plans for water shows and other events.
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