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Added 2 September, 2014

Big business is getting behind animal rights

A new push by major food companies is underway to address perceived (and often very real) shortfalls in corporate social responsibility. While the major beneficiaries of CSR recently have been the environment and the welfare of workers, companies are now turning their sights towards animal rights. Chief among these is Nestlé, one of the world’s largest food companies, which is adopting animal welfare standards across its entire supply chain, a vast network that including over 7000 global suppliers. The company admits that what prompts this move is a social trend toward consumers wanting to know "Is it good for me? Is the quality good? Has it been responsibly sourced?" And because the answers to these questions are becoming more transparent because of the Internet and social networking, companies are feeling the necessity to make changes that are aligned with their customers' morals. Watch this space.
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