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Added 2 October, 2013

Architecture continues to get greener as carbon-negative bricks are embraced by builders

Throughout England, masonry products manufacturer, Lignacite is supplying carbon negative bricks to new housing developments. The Carbon Buster brick is an amalgam of recycled materials and aggregates derived from waste by-products. The result is a strong masonry product that captures more carbon dioxide than it emits during the manufacturing process. Hopkins Homes, a fast-growing property developer is now using these bricks in over 600 dwellings across 30 developments. The C02 savings is said to be equivalent to that generated by nearly 2,000 automobiles in an average year. What's interesting from a trends perspective, is that there is sufficient market demand from homebuyers to make carbon-negative bricks viable. People are attracted to homes and other buildings that take the environment into account, and these building materials have become a beneficial marketing tool.
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