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Added 20 July, 2017

Algae-infused juice is th Next Big Thing

The trend to create drinks that are supposedly good for you continues. A leader in the category is The Juice Generation, a company that created an algae-infused drink they call Holy Water. The drink has gained traction for its bright blue color and reviews say it has a refreshing, nutty flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. It's made with coconut water, holy basil, and blue majik (a phycocyanin extract).
On its own, Blue Majik is said to taste slightly fishy and not very pleasant, but mixed into smoothies as a protein powder, it blends seamlessly to the flavor of the smoothie. Blue Majik is the superfood of-the-moment derived from spirulina and a proprietary extract of blue-green algae Arthrospira.

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