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Added 22 November, 2013

Wearable tech trend intensifies as it moves to underwear

The wearable tech trend continue unabated as companies across the industrial spectrum continue to reinvent their products in ways that allow them to talk back to their owners. We've covered watches, headbands, helmets, gloves and even socks on WikiTrend, so it makes sense that wearable computing would come to this. The Sensoria Fitness Bra not only provides physical support, but also tracks the wearer's heart rate and workout performance. By integrating a heart-rate monitor in a bra, the clothing does away with the chunkiness and straps of stand-alone competitors. And it integrates with a wide variety of apps via Bluetooth. While we feel as though this type of wearable tech is going a bit too far, it exemplifies how the trend is growing and becoming more pervasive.
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