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Added 2 October, 2013

Looking to profit from the gluten-free fad? Buy rice futures

We don't usually give financial advice on WikiTrend, but since the gluten-free trend shows no sign of abating, and in fact is getting even larger, we're taking a long, hard look at what's trending food-wise to fulfill this dietary anomaly. As we've mentioned before, celiac disease, which is stabilized by eating a gluten-free diet, is a condition that is thought to only affect between 1 in 105 people in the United States. But the rush towards gluten-free foods has gone mainstream. As more consumers are requesting gluten-free meals at restaurants, high-profile foodservice operators like Disney Parks, Chipotle and Bonefish Grill are featuring such foods on their menus. Rice is often the main ingredient that chefs are turning to be sure that meals they prepare are safe, on trend and appealing. Millet is another grain to watch. Also gluten free, it has the advantage of being high in vitamins and minerals and is starting to appear on haute menus worldwide.
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