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Added 1 August, 2013

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat gets its own brand of coffee-flavored beverages

Internet fads regularly go viral, but now they are jumping off the computer screen into real-life brands. Grumpy Cat is a viral meme who's famous for such 'sayings' as "I had fun once; it was awful," is officially getting her own brand of coffee drink, Grumpy Cat Grumppucino. The beverage will be available online August 7 and in stores sometime in September, according to the animal's official blog and Twitter. The drink will come in three "awfully good" flavors, however there is no word on price point yet. When it comes, though, consumers can enjoy it in one of the many Grumpy Cat mugs, such as this one with the words, “More Like Crap-puccino” emblazoned on the side. In the meantime, fans can entertain themselves with the just-released Grumpy Cat book, and snap a photo with the up-and-coming Grumpy Cat Photobomb app. Get ready for more new brands to be minted in cyberspace, then monetized in real life.
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