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Added 26 September, 2013

Gender-neutral products marketed to women: Hello Kitty Beer

Regular readers of WikiTrend know that marketers are creating lots of products aimed towards women, even if those products have no inherent gender-specific qualities. Examples of this include Nestlé's bottled water created expressly for women, and even earplugs for women. There is a history of drinks companies coming out with alcoholic beverages marketed to women, like Zima and other sweet "girl beers." But Hello Kitty Beer takes this marketing to a new level with its very overt co-branding with Sanrio's iconic cat. Licensed by the Shanghai KT trading company and brewed by Taiwanese beer maker Long Chuan, the Hello Kitty beer is a collection of fruit flavored brews, including Lemon-Lime and Peach. At only 2.3% alcohol by volume, which is about half the punch of a full-strength beer, this one is made for feminine lightweights.
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