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Added 31 March, 2018

Foodie-ism becomes democratized as McDonald's Introduces premium Wagyu burger

Forget about the McRib. McDonald‘s just rolled out limited quantities of a 100 percent Wagyu beef burger at Australian locations. In Japan, Wagyu refers to a mix of any four different breeds of Japanese cow. McDonald’s claims it used Australian-bred Wagyu as part of its commitment to using local suppliers. The sandwich itself is made from a new “gourmet” bun and topped with options: lettuce, tomato, bacon, onions, a special sauce, and cheddar cheese. Hailed for its buttery flavor and smooth texture, Wagyu is traditionally expensive, often marketed as a luxury beef. However, the new McDonald’s burger will cost only $11 AUD, or close to $8 USD. Would you try it? At the moment, the sandwich is only being served in Australia, but keep your eyes peeled for other global spots.

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