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Added 12 May, 2015

Elderly South Koreans are flocking to Europe in record numbers

A confluence of unrelated events is resulting in a perfect storm that is funneling large numbers of South Korean grandparents to Europe. General increases in air travel worldwide, a drop in oil prices, shifts that have left the euro struggling and the won reveling in the new order, and a hugely popular TV show about elderly Korean backpackers traipsing through Europe have combined to make this a banner year for South Korean travel to Europe. The show “Grandpas over Flowers” depicting four septuagenarians exploring countries like Greece, Austria and Spain is apparently encouraging Korea’s sea of aged citizens to start traveling abroad before it’s too late. The interest comes at a time when travel is more affordable than ever for Koreans, with fuel surcharges almost halved due to low oil prices, and the local currency looking better than ever against the euro. The stock market has already responded with shares in Korean travel firms skyrocketing. And Korean Air Lines is expanding service to Europe to meet demand.

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