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Added 23 August, 2013

In Brooklyn, artists use the CSA model to sell directly to collectors

CSAs are increasingly important in the United States. Traditionally, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and allows city residents to have direct access to fresh produce grown locally by regional farmers. Now Brooklyn artists have adopted this model to sell their art directly to collectors. Their CSA stands for Community Supported Art. It's a subscription service for art and design produced by emerging artists and designers. Following the model of Community Supported Agriculture, in which shareholders invest in a farm and receive a monthly share of fruits and vegetables, Brooklyn Community Supported Art + Design connects shareholders directly to the artists and designers. Through a juried process, artists and designers are chosen to create 50 pieces for the CSA+D. Each full share consists of works across several disciplines, potentially including painting, printing, sculpture, textile, decorative objects, ceramics, music, lighting, t-shirt, collage and books. Will we be seeing more of this CSA model in other industries?
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