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Added 26 January, 2019

Anti-stress corporate pet visitation programs are trending

Looking to generate more happiness in the office? Some companies are partnering with local Humane Society branches to to reduce ruff days around the office. There are few things that can make people smile like a cuddling a purring kitten or the joyful wag of a dog's tail. The Toronto Humane Society will bring shelter pets looking for some TLC time to your workplace for a visit with your staff. The top three perks for your workplace:
Help Reduce Stress: Dogs and cats are frequently recognized as great stress-relievers. When you look into the eyes of a pet, suddenly your worries seem to melt away. Pets make people happier, less stressed and more productive.
Increased Camaraderie: Pets are a great conversation starter, and common ground for coworkers chat about and bond in ways they otherwise might not. Friendly interactions strengthen work relationships, and its fun to do something different, which leads to the perfect perk up.
You Will Be Helping Homeless Pets! You will be giving the animals the one-on-one socialization they need and attention they deserve. Plus, as the Toronto Humane Society receives no government funding, you and your team can feel good knowing your donation is helping provide animals in need with food, medical care, and shelter.

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