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Added 16 May, 2013

Smoked tomato, grilled peaches and whiskey marinades top summer grilling fads

In the Northern Hemisphere, the season of cooking al fresco is upon us and there are some summer food fads that have are emerging for the grill as identified by McCormick Kitchens. Flavors to watch include Sweet tea: It’s not just southern and not just for sipping. It’s being added to marinades and sauces to deepen flavors. Smoked tomato: As the best barbecuers know, smoking brings out rich flavor notes. Smoking the summer’s garden favorite makes it an ingredient for do-it-yourself condiments or as an addition to grilled meats, pizza, salads and sandwiches. Pecan wood: Not at foreign to local barbecuers, this wood (and fruit woods) impart a sweet and nutty flavor to what’s on the grill. White peach: Another summer favorite, grilled peaches offer delicate flavor to salsas, salads and beverages. Ginger: Brings a spicy heat with an Asian flare to spice rubs, marinades, fruits and desserts made on the grill. Whiskey: A bold flavor for marinades and sauces for smoked meats.
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