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Added 25 April, 2015

Shepherd drones are replacing sheep dogs

It didn’t take long for drones to graduate from an unnerving military weapon to a big new social trend. From real estate agents using them to photograph estates, to Amazon (and others using them for package deliveries, there are a huge range of possible uses for civilian drones and people keep coming up with innovative new ideas. The drone, it turns out, is one of those "if you build it, they will come" inventions. And because it is so new, we are now seeing terrific new uses for the technology almost every day. One fun new idea comes out of Ireland, from farmer Paul Brennan, who posted a drone’s-eye-view video of his sheep being herded, with the drone itself acting as sheepdog. Will this be the realm that drones come to dominate? Possibly, but the real takeaway is that creative uses for drones are just getting started. Most likely, we can expect drones to play a significant role in many aspects of our daily lives. Watch this space.

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