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Added 1 October, 2014

Heirloom popcorn is now a thing

Seems like every food these days has versions that are organic, small-batch, artisanal, hand-made, locally sourced, and sustainably grown... these are the new buzzwords of the food world. So it should come as no surprise that one of the latest foods to jump on this trend is popcorn. What with Europeans and healthists worrying about genetically-modified foods, why not do for popcorn what has been done with everything from heritage pigs to roof-farmed vegetables? The ultimate heirloom popcorn is branded Tiny but Mighty and grows on Mealhow farm in Iowa. Grown from seeds the family can trace back to the 1850s, the corn cobs are tiny and, when popped, produce crisp puffs with an intense toasted corn taste that is unlike normal supermarket varieties. Available in the USA at Whole Foods and some other retailers, the corn is meant to be popped on the stovetop. Like the craft beer movement, which is now in full swing, people are awakening their palates to foods with flavor, complexity, and a backstory.
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