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Added 9 March, 2013

3D printing reaches new heights with attempt to build a spaceship

DIY Rockets has launched a challenge for a collaboratively designed open source 3D printed rocket engine that could carry nano-satellites into space. ​Over the last few years multiple companies, institutions and individuals have started building nano-satellites and other small satellites. These little satellites are packed with electronics and range from the size of a computer chip to a smart phone to a pumpkin. With their communication and research capabilities, they have multiple applications working individually or in coordination with one another. But, with the high cost of earth to space transport, how in the world are they going to get up into space? ​The purpose of the competition is to promote innovation and cost effectiveness in small payload delivery through the development of open source collaboratively designed 3D printed rocket engines. This competition focuses on promoting innovation and lowering costs through the collaborative design process, understanding the business cases, and exploring the possibilities of 3D printing for the space industry. The objective of this competition is to generate collaborative designs and business cases for safe, affordable 3D printed rocket engines that can carry between .5kg - 10 kg into Low Earth Orbit.
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