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Added 17 September, 2017

Outdoor fireplaces are trending in Southern California

In Southern California backyards, expansive areas once dominated by grass now feature fireplaces, fire pits and fire tables. All take the idea of a campfire to a new level. While wood-burning fixtures add the smell of the outdoors, many homeowners opt for newer gas versions that are easier on the environment and meet local air quality restrictions. Fire pits increasingly have become an easy and affordable way to heat things up outside. These pits – actually they resemble boxes or oversized stainless steel bowls – seem to invite people to gather around them while adding an intriguing twist to outdoor lighting. And while fire elements are trending for backyards, they have also become popular additions to condominium complexes and other shared spaces. “What we found is that fire features offer a third space for people,” said Duane Border, principal with Duane Border Design in downtown Los Angeles. “The first is home, the second is work and the third is the social space you find in multifamily projects. They let you get out of your smaller space so you can enjoy the outside. Just like moths, people are definitely drawn to a flame.’’

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