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Added 6 December, 2018

Automated technology is showing up in more places than ever as brands seek to offer consumers an enhanced level of convenience with everyday processes, which is what brings us to the 'SmartCup' automated beverage brewer. Working with tea, coffee and more, the solution works by gets liquids to the optimal temperature in a short amount of time...

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Added 18 October, 2018

E-commerce homewares company, Wayfair, has released an augmented reality interior design and room planning app especially for the new Magic Leap headset. “Wayfair Spaces”, as it’s called, acts as a virtual showroom for select pieces of the retailer’s furniture and home accessories collection. It is powered by Magic Leap’s spatial computing...

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Added 13 October, 2018

Who’s your favorite towel-maker? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably struggling to think of a single towel brand. Some of the best recommended towels on Amazon have names so forgettable–Superior, Martex, Pinzon–you’d need to go back to your order history to remember what you bought. The brands stocked by Target and Bed, Bath &...

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Added 1 October, 2018

Eyecloud is a new smart security camera equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to recognize both humans and faces. The cordless design allows you to easily mount the security camera almost anywhere and the data encrypted feed allows you to store your footage on local storage without any monthly fee.

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Added 10 September, 2018

The Syshaus House comes to the market bringing a new concept to live with quality, practicality and sustainability – not only ideals, but effective practices. The structural system is composed of standardized types of pillar, beam, joint node and screw, which when combined result in different configurations of plants and programs, within a...

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Added 30 August, 2018

Many people would love to own high-quality, built-to-last furniture. But modern life, where people often rent accommodation for their whole lives, and move often, makes it difficult to own long-term ‘investment’ pieces. This type of furniture is also very expensive. Instead, people often buy cheap ‘disposable’ furniture, which often ends up in...

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Added 15 August, 2018

The bridge houses along the canals of Amsterdam were home to the canal’s bridge keepers for 100 years. They have since been abandoned with the introduction of automated technology. A new initiative – called SWEETS hotel – is re-purposing these abandoned spaces as waterfront hotel rooms. As part of the initiative, 28 iconic bridge houses along...

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Added 22 July, 2018

If you're the type of person who spends weekends fixing and repairing things around the house, you know what it's like when you're missing a couple screws that are critical to getting a job done. Amazon's iPhone app has a feature called "Part Finder," that lets you take a picture of the item you need and then search for it on the site. Maybe...

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Added 18 July, 2018

Tiny Homes have become an ever more popular notion for those looking for a small but perfectly formed house. But what if you’re more of a water dwelling person? Well, you’re in luck because Canadian workshop Daigno have just announced Le Koroc, their very own Tiny Boat House. Whilst house boats are, of course, nothing new, chances are you won’t...

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Added 3 July, 2018

A rooftop in New York city might not sound like the best place for a vineyard but the founders of Rooftop Reds in Brooklyn are out to silence the sceptics.

Their building gives them space for 42 vine boxes. They had their first harvest last October, and according to founder Devin Shomaker, they have embraced the urban environment.