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Added 4 January, 2014

Mind-control exoskeleton will help paralyzed teen kick off the 2014 World Cup

We've seen a lot of brain wave-reading technology lately. Some has been frivolous, like the headset with furry "ears" that you can move just by thinking about it. Some has been fun, like the video game controllers that can "read" your mind and translate your moves to the screen. And some have been jaw-droppingly transformative, like the wearable exoskeleton that can actually help paralyzed people walk again. This amazing bionic technology will be shown off at the start off the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. Funded by an international nonprofit called The Walk Again Project, the exoskeleton is controlled by the walker's brain, via wireless electrodes on his or her head. "The vibrations can replicate the sensation of touching the ground, rolling off the toe and kicking off again," lead robotic engineer Gordon Cheng of the Technical University of Munich told New Scientist. "There's so much detail in this, it's phenomenal."
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