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Added 16 August, 2017

Getting older has lots of perks, but squinting to read restaurant menus isn't one of them. The problem for many people is simply remembering to pack their reading glasses when they head out the door. ThinOptics solves this with what seems like a magic trick: folding small, armless glasses into a super thin keychain that goes wherever you do --...

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Added 14 August, 2017

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Vismay Sharma, the cosmetics giant's UK managing director, said that demand for make-up among men was growing fast.
Speaking about the industry as a whole, he said male-targeted counters in department stores and drug stores could be a reality in "five to seven years".
According to Mr Sharma...

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Added 12 August, 2017

It can be a real pain to shop for clothes online when it's unclear how they'll fit. Sure, if you have favorite brands, it's easier, but if you're wading into the unknown territory of a completely new-to-you store or line of clothing, you're taking a big gamble. And since none of us actually want to step foot in a store these days (ew), it can...

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Added 5 August, 2017

Uniqlo's airport vending machine will help correct your packing errors Ever arrive at the airport and only then realise you forgot to pack your coat? Or wished you’d packed a warmer shirt? Japanese retailer Uniqlo’s new vending machines might offer the ideal solution for such dilemmas.
The Uniqlo To Go machine, the first of which was...

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Added 2 August, 2017

Danit Peleg, a fashion-forward designer based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, is blurring the borders between fashion and technology with a 3D-printed bomber jacket. On her website, Peleg states her vision for “a world where anyone will be able to buy files and print clothes at home or at a designated store," and she's pushing the world one step closer to...

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Added 28 July, 2017

Are two trends better than one? A start-up company from Belgium is using 3D printing technology with one of the most wasteful products in the world, plastic, to make a stunning range of designer sunglasses. The black plastic is made from recycled car dashboards in the Netherlands, and 90 percent of the transparent plastic is made from plastic...

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Added 26 July, 2017

Korean beauty brand Botanic Farm is leading the pack for carbonated skin care with a product called Mineral Pop Sparkling Cream, which gets its pop from carbonic acid bubbles. This company claims that carbonation works to lock moisture into the skin, while simultaneously refreshing and stimulating it. And people are buying it.

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Added 19 July, 2017

It can be a hassle, taking your glasses on and off to switch between near and distant vision. There are bifocals, of course, plus there are now glasses on which you can adjust the focus. Scientists from the University of Utah, however, have gone one better – they've developed glasses that change focus automatically, depending on what you're...

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Added 17 July, 2017

Just in time for New York Fashion Week: Men’s, PETA threw a party for Brave GentleMan, the world’s first all-vegan luxury menswear store, celebrating its grand opening in Brooklyn. Founder and Creative Director Joshua Katcher unveiled his Spring/Summer 2018 collection, which includes stylish shoes and belts made of “future-leather” and suits...

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Added 11 July, 2017

Owners can now coordinate their fashion tastes with four shades of popular paint colors.