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Added 20 August, 2017

Mandatory vacations may yield higher productivity and greater employee satisfaction than traditional vacation policies or unlimited vacations, according to a new study from Harvard Business Review. Under traditional vacation policies, many employees feel pressure to maximize enjoyment from their two- or three-week breaks,, though the looming...

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Added 17 August, 2017

South Korea has introduced what is being called the world's first tax on robots amid fears that machines will replace human workers, leading to mass unemployment.
The country will limit tax incentives for investments in automated machines as part of a newly proposed revision of its tax laws.
It is hoped the policy will make up for...

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Added 15 August, 2017

Hawaiian Airlines is using a system from a company called LivePerson to run its messaging system. Customers can send texts to the airline, and a human will respond. In the not too distant future, we expect bots will be sophisticated enough to handle almost all customer service inquires sent via text message. But we're not there yet, so it's...

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Added 11 August, 2017

The declining use of cash is causing a shake-up in a banking services around the US, including at Hartsfield-Jackson International airport in Atlanta. The proliferation of credit card use means fewer people use cash regularly and has cut demand for ATMs. That makes it less profitable for banks to operate retail outets, prompting changes in how...

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Added 2 August, 2017

The fight for primacy in the the world of mobile payments is still in its early stages. Now Amazon Pay Places is in the game with a recently announced feature of the Amazon brand that allows consumers to pay for restaurants and purchase items that are sold in stores through their accounts with the eCommerce site. To start, the brand has...

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Added 31 July, 2017

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, the Royal Canadian Mint has released three million glow-in-the-dark coins into general circulation. The $2 coins, or “toonies” as they’re colloquially called, depict two people in a canoe on a placid lake surrounded by trees, with the lights of the aurora borealis in the sky....

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Added 14 July, 2017

One major green trend today is urban farming – from tiny indoor farming plots to vertical gardens that can supply restaurants. Now, Finnish company Exsilio has developed a high-tech solution to allow almost any small business to “grow its own”. The company uses a renovated shipping container to create a 13-metre long farming module, known as...

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Added 25 April, 2015

It didn’t take long for drones to graduate from an unnerving military weapon to a big new social trend. From real estate agents using them to photograph estates, to Amazon (and others using them for package deliveries, there are a huge range of possible uses for civilian drones and people keep coming up with innovative new ideas. The drone, it...

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Added 2 September, 2014
A new push by major food companies is underway to address perceived (and often very real) shortfalls in corporate social responsibility. While the major beneficiaries of CSR recently have been the environment and the welfare of workers, companies are now turning their sights towards animal rights. Chief among these is Nestlé, one of the world’s...
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Added 8 November, 2013
Nestlé's pledge means that none of its 150 European factories will create any waste that is not reused. That means that there will be no garbage, nothing to go to the landfill and nothing to be incinerated, unless they use it to create energy in the process. What most people don't know is that the company has already met this goal in almost 10...