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Added 19 August, 2017

The medical device manufacturer Cochlear Limited, has teamed up with Apple to make an implant sound processor, the Nucleus 7, that directly stimulates the cochlea, providing a sense of sound to a person who has severe or profound hearing loss. The advantage of an implant over a hearing aid is that a hearing aid simply amplifies the sound while...

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Added 15 August, 2017

The Central American nation intends to replace these wasteful, ocean-clogging items—such as plastic store bags, straws, coffee stirrers, containers and plastic cutlery—for biodegradable or water-soluble alternatives, or products made of renewable materials (think plant starches). The initiative is led by Costa Rica's Ministries of Health and...

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Added 14 August, 2017

AquaBounty Technologies in Maynard, Massachusetts, has said it's sold about 5 tons of genetically-modified (GM) salmon fillets to unnamed customers in Canada.
These fish can reportedly grow twice as fast as conventionally-farmed Atlantic salmon, reaching adult size in some 18 months as compared to 30 months. AquaBounty has also claimed...

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Added 5 August, 2017

From desperation comes change. The struggles of California table grape growers 15-20 years ago led the Avinelis family to consider blueberries.
“As table grapes were struggling we looked into diversifying our farms,” says Gunnar Avinelis, chief executive officer of AgriCare, a full-service farm management company based in Porterville,...

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Added 1 August, 2017

Customizable, communicative and smart, the Oclean One toothbrush introduces a completely-new health experience, where the utensil’s cleaning modes, intensities and duration can be controlled through a smartphone app. Developed by omate, an innovation lab based in Shenzen, China, the sonic smart toothbrush utlizes advanced technology externally...

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Added 27 July, 2017

US Hospital operator HCA Healthcare Inc. reported a dismal quarter early Tuesday, complete with profit and revenue misses and a cut to its earnings-per-share outlook for the year. Hospital operators haven’t been having a particularly good time in recent months, especially given congressional Republicans’ effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act...

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Added 19 July, 2017

It can be a hassle, taking your glasses on and off to switch between near and distant vision. There are bifocals, of course, plus there are now glasses on which you can adjust the focus. Scientists from the University of Utah, however, have gone one better – they've developed glasses that change focus automatically, depending on what you're...

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Added 14 July, 2017

Beijing-based SinoGene announced last week that it created an adorable beagle puppy named Longlong in a lab, making China the world’s first country to clone a dog using the new technique. Born via a surrogate mother, Longlong is genetically identical to its DNA father: a 2-year-old dog named Apple. Apple, who was also born in a laboratory using...

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Added 19 August, 2016

If you had any doubt that man and machine and becoming one, now comes this ready-for-the-clinic brain prosthetic to help people with memory problems. The broad target market includes people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, as well as those who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

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Added 2 August, 2015

If you have ever had a medical condition that necessitated hospitalization, you might have been lucky enough to have a good friend or family member be by your side as your advocate, speaking up for the information and attention you need. In hospitals, where everyone seems to have something urgent to attend to, and where that something can go...