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Added 10 February, 2014

Floating hotels pop-up to solve temporary need for luxury rooms

Hotel managers are single-mindedly concerned with revenues and occupancy rates. The problem is that many, if not most, touristic locations are seasonal. Sometimes hotels are empty and prices are low. Other times both occupancy and prices skyrocket. What's a hotel owner to do? Sunborn Gibraltar is answering this age-old conundrum with a new kind property in the form of five-star yacht hotels. The first is opening this month in Gibraltar on Europe’s southernmost tip, followed by projects in London and Barcelona, as well as the USA and the Middle East. The hotel features full propulsion so it can be repositioned as needed, but it is designed to be semi-permanently moored and not constantly traveling like a cruise ship. The 189-room hotel charges about £230 a night in its current location and, because it's on the water, great views are assured. Will floating "pop up" luxury hotels become accepted by the traveling public, or will they make high-end travelers sea sick?
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